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January-February 2009

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On the Job: Gerard McNiff, Meteorologist for Good Morning America

Gerard McNiff has been the meteorologist for Good Morning America for more than 22 years. He also provides weather support to the larger ABC network, working on such shows as World News Now and America This Morning. Gerard studied meteorology at Lyndon State College and has taught at Hunter College, volunteered at the National Weather Service, and worked as a weather observer at Kennedy Airport in New York City. We caught up with him just after an airing of Good Morning America one day to see what goes into producing the weather segment on the show.

What is your position and role at Good Morning America?
It’s meteorologist. And it’s also producer, to the extent that any production of the weather segment needs to be produced. But it’s mostly that of a meteorologist, catering to the needs of the network, with my priority being Good Morning America.

How did you become the meteorologist for Good Morning America?
It started out in January of 1985, when the show was in its start-up phase of doing weather from New York, whereas before they had done weather from Chicago and Atlanta. There was one particular time when they had somebody filling in for the regular weathercaster and needed another person to assist with the meteorology, graphics, and briefing. I was volunteering at the National Weather Service when somebody from ABC called and said they were looking for a meteorologist. So that’s how it all began. Things changed over the course of about a year and a half, [and then] they hired me full-time to work with the weathercaster as a meteorologist and assist him with any needs that he had to broadcast the weather part of Good Morning America.

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