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July-August 2009

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Great British Weather Disasters
Author: Philip Eden
Publisher: Continuum
Details: 351 pp., $34.95 hardcover, illustrated edition, 2008
ISBN-10: 082647621X
ISBN-13: 978-0826476210

When I picked up Philip Eden’s Great British Weather Disasters, I was anticipating a basic listing of various meteorological disasters that have befallen the United Kingdom. And while the last half of the book is exactly that—a chronology by day and month of severe weather events from 1901-2008—the first half of the book was, for me, quite unexpected, and the content makes this book a useful read for any weather enthusiast, even those who are not directly linked to the United Kingdom. The reason is that the first half of this book makes an impassioned but rational plea for sanity regarding the hype over severe weather by the media and politicians.

The author, Philip Eden, is a weather correspondent for the Daily Telegraph, as well as the Vice President of the Royal Meteorological Society. As such, he is in great demand by British radio and television media for his knowledge and opinions regarding British weather.

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