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March-April 2009

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Weatherwatch: November, December 2009

Following a mild start to November, a mid-month pattern change brought repeated surges of cold air into the Midwest, South, and East. Monthly temperatures averaged more than 5°F below normal at a few Southeastern locations, and hard freezes (temperatures of 28°F or lower) affected areas as far south as northern Florida. In contrast, November temperatures averaged at least 5°F above normal from the Desert Southwest to the northern High Plains.

The majority of the nation experienced drier-than-normal weather during November. Exceptions included parts of the northern Plains (largely due to an early-month winter storm), the Southwest (from the passage of a single, late-month storm), and portions of the Deep South and Atlantic coastal plain. In the Pacific Northwest, areas west of the Cascades endured heavy rain and flooding early in the month but turned dry thereafter. Meanwhile, little or no rain fell during November across the Florida peninsula and the south-central United States.

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