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November/December 2009

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Weatherwatch: July, August

An historic mid-summer cool spell covered parts of the central and eastern United States, resulting in the coolest July on record in dozens of communities. Midwestern monthly temperatures averaged as much as 8°F below normal. In contrast, a prolonged heat wave baked southern Texas and most areas west of the Rockies. Some of the most intense heat was observed in the Desert Southwest and the Pacific Northwest.

Frequent showers dotted the Midwest, except in a small area centered on the upper Great Lakes region. Much of the South also benefited from widespread showers, following June and early-July heat. However, exceptionally dry conditions persisted in southern Texas, while pockets of dryness lingered or developed in the middle and southern Atlantic States. Elsewhere, widespread showers covered the Plains, while monsoon shower activity was light and spotty in the Southwest.
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