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Sept-Oct 2009

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Weatherwatch: May, June

Extremely wet conditions persisted or developed across the South and East, eradicating drought but causing local flooding. Some of the heaviest rain, 10-20 inches or more, drenched Florida’s previously droughtstricken peninsula. An exception to the dry pattern was the western Gulf Coast region, where only light rain fell. Farther west, the majority of the nation’s midsection experienced a May drying trend, although some heavy showers lingered across the southeastern Plains and a few other scattered locations. Meanwhile, cool but mostly dry conditions in the upper Midwest contrasted with seemingly relentless rains in the mid-Mississippi and lower Ohio Valleys. Elsewhere, unusually heavy May showers affected several Western regions, including northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and the Four Corners States.

Monthly temperatures averaged as much as 2 to 6°F below normal in the upper Midwest, but generally ranged from 2 to 8°F above normal in California and the Southwest.

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