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May-June 2010

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Weatherwatch - January/February 2010

January 2010

A protracted and severe cold outbreak struck Florida's peninsula during the first half of the month, causing varying degrees of damage to citrus, vegetables, and other crops. Much of the significant damage occurred on January 6–7 and 10–12, when temperatures dipped below 32°F as far south as the Everglades. Monthly temperatures averaged at least 5°F below normal across most of Florida's peninsula, and were also below normal across the remainder of the Southeast. Below-normal temperatures were also noted in much of the upper Midwest, where a very deep snow cover had become established during December and persisted through January. In contrast, above-normal January temperatures dominated the nation's northern tier and much of the West. Monthly readings averaged at least 5°F above normal in northern New England and portions of the Northwest. At some northwestern locations, it was the warmest January on record.

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