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July-August 2011

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Start Packing for Weather Camp!

In every community in the United States, there is probably at least one child who lives and breathes weather 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He or she may be an avid sky watcher or simply a Weather Channel “junkie.” This child, unlike most others, really does know what he or she wants to do when he or she grows up!

But many of these children have never had a chance to really delve into the subject they hold so near and dear to their hearts. Schools increasingly are teaching some meteorology to their students, and many are learning the fundamentals of weather in the classroom. But there is another option for these budding meteorologists to get a deeper education about the topic. A number of summer camps that aim to teach students about meteorology are springing up across the United States under a program through Howard University's NOAA Center for Atmospheric Science called CAREERS (Channeling Atmospheric Research into Educational Experiences Reaching Students).

H. MICHAEL MOGIL is a certified consulting meteorologist and active weather educator living in Naples, Florida. He is the director of the CAREERS Summer Weather Camp at Howard University, one of a dozen such camps across the country that aim to bring minority and other students passionate about weather into meteorology and related professions. 

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