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July-August 2012: In This Issue


In the “B.C.” (Before Computers) years, if you had an interest in weather, the only way to further that interest was to watch the weatherman on the six o'clock news or subscribe to Weatherwise magazine.

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Does an EF-2 tornado impart the same impact in Sioux City, Iowa, as it does in Dallas, Texas? If a high-end EF-4 skims the outer edge of Mobile, Alabama, does it impact that community in the same manner as a similarly-sized funnel traveling the length of downtown Lincoln, Nebraska, on a football Saturday?

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Do you have weather questions? Tom Schlatter has the answers! Please submit your “Weather Queries” questions, including your name and hometown, by email to or by mail to Weatherwise, Taylor & Francis, 325 Chestnut St., Suite 800, Philadelphia, PA 19106.





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