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July-August 2013

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The National Mesonet Program: Filling in the Gaps

The wizards of weather forecasting continue to astound us whenever they “get it right.” Thanks in a large part to the complex polar and geostationary satellites high above the earth, meteorologists can create amazing models predicting sunny or rainy days. But satellite data is only one dimension of the weather and climate story.

Satellites take the “top-down” view, but are limited in how precisely they can resolve features or data near the earth's surface. For that reason alone, we have to also take the “bottom-up” view when it comes to weather observations and radar data. All of these technologies are needed for the big picture.

JOHN DAHLIA is the director of corporate communications for Global Science & Technology, Inc. He lives in Fairmont, West Virginia in the heart of the I-79 High Tech Corridor.

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