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May-June 2013

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In Memoriam

We at Weatherwise are sad to report that longtime Alaska Weatherwatch columnist Ted Fathauer passed away at his home on January 20, 2013.

Ted had recently retired from a 44-year career as a weather forecaster with the National Weather Service. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Ted began his career with the NWS at the National Meteorological Center (now National Center for Environmental Prediction) in Washington, D.C. For the past 42 years, he lived and worked in Alaska.

Ted published his first article in Weatherwise in 1974 and has been a longtime regular columnist, keeping us abreast of the extreme Alaska experiences on a day-to-day basis in his monthly columns for the magazine.

Ted's enthusiasm for his subject shone through in every word he wrote for Weatherwise, and in many ways he represented the best of our magazine. In fact, he was so passionate about Alaska's fascinating weather that he often exceeded the word count for his column, explaining in great detail the fascinating extremes that only those who have lived in Alaska can really understand. As editor, I often let Ted's articles stand as is, not having the heart to cut back writing that so clearly demonstrated his passion for weather.

Ted will be greatly missed by all in the Weatherwise community. His colleagues at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, the Alaska Climate Research Center, and the NWS Fairbanks will be continuing the Alaska column going forward.

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