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January-February 2014

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Apps to Weather the Storm: 10 Practical, Powerful Weather Apps for Mobile Devices

"When is that line of violent thunderstorms moving through the area?" a coworker asked me yesterday. I looked at my phone and answered, "In 10 minutes. It's on the edge of town right now."

In the age of smartphones and mobile applications, the weather is literally at our fingertips. Some apps are artsy and bold (e.g., Yahoo! Weather, Dark Sky, and Today Weather) but lack key content or weather map animation. Some focus solely on one particular weather phenomenon. Other highly technical programs include all the weather data in the world, but the layout is unappealing or the interface is difficult to navigate. With hundreds of downloadable weather applications to choose from, how does a mobile device user select an application that best suits his or her preferences and needs?

AMBER LANIER NAGLE is a freelance writer, user of weather apps, avid weather watcher, and app developer.

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