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July-August 2014

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Puzzled by Weather Words

One teaching tool I have found to be quite helpful in familiarizing students with important terms and concepts in meteorology is the crossword puzzle presented on the next page. This moderately challenging puzzle for undergraduate students features some essential technical words as answers, for example: “latent” (10 Across), “ionosphere” (24 Across), “advection” (34 Across), “synoptic” (43 Across), and “virga” (12 Down).

ANTHONY J. SADAR, CCM, is the air pollution meteorologist and an administrator for the Allegheny County Health Department's Air Quality Program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mr. Sadar is also an adjunct associate professor at Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, and a part-time meteorology/climatology instructor for Penn State's Beaver campus.

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