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September-October 2015

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Boston's 2015 Snow Blitz: How Did It Compare?

The winter of 2014–2015 in the mid-Atlantic and the Northeast, but particularly eastern New England, was long and severe. Few will deny that it was severe, as we were reminded of it constantly from the daily bombardment of news headlines streaming out of “Beantown,” or, as it was once known, “Hub City.”

But was last winter as long and hard in the affected region as it was billed by the media? Using Boston, Massachusett's Logan Airport (KBOS), the site of the city's official weather station since January 1, 1936, as a guide, the answer is both “yes” and “no.”

DON LIPMAN is a weather speaker, journalist, and historian. After retiring from a career in the United States intelligence community, he began doing weather presentations on cruise ships and at senior centers. Currently, he is also a freelance writer for The Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang.

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