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November-December 2016

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July 2016

Extreme heat arrived during July, but rarely strayed from the Deep South. However, southern sections of the Rockies and High Plains suffered through a month-long heat wave, leading to topsoil moisture depletion. Meanwhile, hot weather and spotty showers led to drought persistence across the interior Southeast, mainly from northern and central Mississippi to the southern Appalachians.

Farther north, Midwestern skies featured plenty of showers, except for pockets of drought in South Dakota, Ohio, and Michigan. Except during a brief, mid-month surge of heat and humidity, the Midwest largely escaped July without unpleasant conditions. However, the drought that affected portions of Ohio and Michigan extended eastward to the northern Atlantic Coast.       

Weatherwise Contributing Editor BRAD RIPPEY is the U.S. Editor of the Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin of the Joint Agriculture NOAA Weather Facility.

Weatherwise Contributing Editor JEFFREY B. HALVERSON is Professor of Geography at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.       

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