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November-December 2016

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Weatherscapes: The Snowy Range – Hidden Alpine Gem

For more than two decades I've had the great fortune to travel to and photograph some of the planet's most remarkable mountain ranges, including California's Sierra Nevada, Pakistan's Karakoram, Nepal's Himalaya, Afghanistan's Hindu Kush, and the Andes of South America, among many others. While these ranges, a few of which span thousands of miles, include some of the world's most captivatingly beautiful mountains, a chance camping trip far closer to home brought me to a tiny range of peaks in southern Wyoming with scenery just as spectacular as any I've ever found throughout other of the world's mountains: the Snowy Range. Just 10 miles in length, the northeast-southwest trending Snowys tower over an alpine patchwork of lakes, talus fields, cirques, and surrounding boreal forest. Their forms attest to the forces that molded them from both beneath the surface of the planet and from the air above. 

ED DARACK is an independent author and photographer who covers a broad range of topics. His next book is The Final Flight of Extortion 17, published by Smithsonian Books. Learn more at       

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