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January-February 2017

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Weather Front

As Global Temperatures Rise, So Does Uncertainty

Two new studies reveal the confusion behind the findings of global-warming research, with experts admitting they don't know which way possible predicted effects will go.

For example, one paper states the warming Arctic will affect mid-latitude storm tracks, but researchers can't yet discern whether the jet stream will move north or south, with possibly immense ramifications for cities such as Chicago, Illinois; London, England; and Tokyo, Japan.

In another case, a team of biologists writing in Science admits that a lack of data hampers their comprehension of how animals and plants will react to global warming.       

MIKE BRANOM's interest in weather began in 2004 when Hurricane Charley rolled through Central Florida, where he was working as a reporter. He now lives in Pasadena, California with his wife and daughter.       

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