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March-April 2017

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Book Review: Where Meteorology Meets Art

The Soul of All Scenery:

A History of the Sky in Art

by Stanley David Gedzelman;

Hardcover: 320 pages;

Stanley David Gedzelman, 2014;

ISBN: 9780991197613

In the 1980s, Stan Gedzelman spent a sabbatical year in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at UCLA when I was on the faculty there. Already by this time he had completed much of the content of the book under review. He and his book showed the department a new application for meteorology that reached from the mathematical sciences in the south campus to the humanities in the north. He inspired the creation of a new course in the department, “Meteorology in History and Art,” which I taught for several years. It would have been much better had this book been available then.       

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