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November-December 2017

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The Weather and Climate of Michigan

“The climate is cold and healthy. Winter sets in about the middle of November, and lasts till the middle of March, without much variation. The general face of the country is flat. Nothing like a mountain is known.” Much has changed about our knowledge of Michigan weather since this 1811 description of the Michigan Territory in Morse's Geography. Meteorologists now know that there is tremendous variation in Michigan's weather year round, and that the state's changing terrain (much of it glacially formed) and surrounding Great Lakes play a significant role. Anyone living a lifetime in Michigan has likely experienced intense heat waves, bitter cold, heavy snow, destructive ice storms, massive floods, high winds, severe thunderstorms, and/or tornadoes. But these are more the exception than the rule. In fact, Michigan generally has some of the nation's finest weather due to the moderating effect of the Great Lakes on severe winter cold and extreme summer heat. 


PAUL GROSS and H. MICHAEL MOGIL are both AMS Certified Consulting and Broadcast Meteorologists. Paul has worked at WDIV-TV in Detroit, Michigan, his entire thirty-four year career; Mike lives in Naples, Florida.

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