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November-December 2017

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The 2016–2017 U.S. Snow Report: Feast or Famine

The July 2016–June 2017 United States snow season found some locations where it just wanted to snow and snow again, while flakes did not seem to want to fly in other locales. Smothering water-laden snows accumulated in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, thus alleviating long-term drought problems, although presenting problems of their own. Recurrent snowfalls in the Pacific Northwest collapsed roofs, while near record snow depths were achieved in Maine. Early season snows pummeled the northern Plains, a late spring blizzard in the southern Plains impacted livestock and crops, and noteworthy May snows buried portions of the Front Range and the peaks of New Hampshire's White Mountains. On the other hand, meager seasonal snowfall was observed over most portions of the central and southern Plains, Midwest, and mid-Atlantic, as well as the Southeast. As reported in Weatherwise for the past 62 years, a month-by-month summary of noteworthy snow events, totals, and oddities from this past season follows. 


DAVID A. ROBINSON is a professor of geography at Rutgers University and is the New Jersey State Climatologist.

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