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September-October 2017

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Atmospheric Electrical Phenomena: A Pilot's View

Atmospheric electrical phenomena have long been observed by aircraft pilots during their flights. Some are recorded in official accident investigations reports. Some are reported in the scientific literature and some on investigatory Web sites. However, if there is no lightning strike or damage to the aircraft, few records of the occurrences are made. They become stories that pilots share with fellow pilots and friends, post on the Web, or capture in their flight logs.


GERALD J. MULVEY is an American Meteorological Society Certified Consulting Meteorologist and certificate holder (active).

JOHN F. MILLER is an FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate holder with B757, B767, DA-50, IA-JET, G200, and LR-JET type ratings (retired).

JON P. MORIARTY is an FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate holder with B727, DA20 and DC9 type ratings (active).

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