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September-October 2017

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Weatherscapes: Coast Mountains of British Columbia – Wilderness of Sky and Ice

The “Pacific Ring of Fire,” the arc of mountains and oceanic trenches ringing the greater Pacific Ocean, is one of the most renowned of the planet's phenomena, due to its size and awe-inspiring mountains. Geologic forces have crafted the myriad peaks of the Pacific Rim of Fire into many different features, from symmetric cones to vertical spires. Powered by seafloor spreading and ultimately lifted into the sky through tectonic collisions—primarily subduction—the mountain chains of this vast realm rank as some of the most beautiful and storied on the planet, ranging from the variegated sub-ranges of the Andes to those of the Aleutians, Java, and more. One of the most beautiful and pristine of these mountain chains lies virtually hidden on the western edge of Canada: British Columbia's Coast Mountains.


Weatherwise contributing editor ED DARACK is  an independent author and photographer who covers a broad range of topics. His next book is The Final Mission of Extortion 17, published by Smithsonian Books. Learn more at

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