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July-August 2018

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Weatherscapes: Pinacate Volcanic Field – Geology Curated by the Sky

Seen from space (or on photographs taken from space), one of the Earth's most attention-grabbing landforms is one located on the northwest corner of the state of Sonora, Mexico: the Pinacate Volcanic Field. A nearly perfect oval, the landscape's black color contrasts starkly with the light tan of the surrounding desert. Uninhabited and foreboding, the 34-mile-wide by 37-mile-long Pinacate Volcanic Field showcases some of the planet's rarest and most captivating landforms.


Weatherwise contributing editor ED DARACK is an independent author and photographer who covers a broad range of topics. His most recent book is The Final Mission of Extortion 17, published by Smithsonian Books. Learn more at

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