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March-April 2018

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Weatherscapes: Baja California's East Cape – Winds and Waves of Tropical Transition

Boaters and sea kayakers who ply the Gulf of California Coast along the southern extremity of Baja California notice conditions in the water become more tropical with each mile they travel south. The air becomes warmer and more humid, and the water's swells become longer and higher, and they crash as larger, more powerful waves on the area's white sand beaches. This part of the Baja California, the “East Cape,” forms the southeastern extremity of the 1,000-mile-long peninsula and marks the point where the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, opens to the Pacific Ocean. The East Cape is also where Baja California juts into the tropics, as the Tropic of Cancer lies along a line in this region just north of Cabo Pulmo. The Tropic of Cancer is the northernmost latitude on the planet where the sun can be directly overhead (during the summer solstice at the Tropic of Cancer).


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